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Aircraft scale calibration services are available with Jackson Aircraft Weighing Service

Aircraft Scale Calibration

Prices start at $490.00

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Jackson Aircraft Weighing Service offers complete calibration service for aircraft scales and aviation weighing needs.

Our equipment is traceable to N.I.S.T standards and unlike other calibration services; our equipment is only used for aviation calibrations. We feature 10,000lb, 50,000lb and 100,000lb service on our scale testing machines. Our machines are calibrated by Morehouse gold standard load cells which are dead weight tested on the Morehouse dead weight testing machine, for the highest accuracy. Our cells are only used for aviation testing and are tested on a regular basis. We only work in the aviation force measurement business and we employ Airframe rated and licensed personnel on staff to calibrate your equipment. This is the difference from others; we are aviation experienced and understand not only the calibration requirements but how the equipment is used in the field. Contact us today with your calibration needs, calibrations start at only $490.00 10K to 50K. 100K large jet scales on request depending on the number of cells. This is a small price to pay for an aviation experienced company to accomplish your calibrations to the highest standards and tolerances.

Morehouse ultra precision load cell