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Aircraft scale kits, Aircraft scales, Aircraft Weighing equipment

Shipping and Contact Information


Larry Jackson 561-281-6179

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Shipping Address and Billing Address:

Jackson Aircraft Weighing Systems LLC

2600 N Australian Ave

West Palm Beach, FL 33407


Please package your scales properly!  Always over pack your scale boxes and platforms and package well for protection!

Include your PO inside with the unit along with your shipping account number for return.  You can also create and send with, your own return labels, just process the return ship tickets while making your labels to send to us.

Shipping terms and conditions
We strive to deliver the very best products and packaging as possible.  Not only to make sure your unit is protected but to also insure that its calibration is preserved.
Customers that do not package properly and or do not ship to us in a suitable box with packing will be subject to a packing and boxing charge for the return of their unit.
Customers that ship to the wrong address and have not updated their shipping information, will be subject to a courrier fee for the transportation to the correct address.